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Benchmark Services pairs trusted tradespeople, inspectors, and contractors with property owners in need of reliable repairs or improvements through the Benchmark Preferred Partner Network. Our streamlined approach to home inspections, maintenance, renovation, and repair allows our Preferred Partners to focus on completing work orders without the hassle of inspecting and scoping projects. We pass on the ease of our single-contact, project management system to help build your business!

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Helping Grow Your Business

Benchmark Preferred Partner Network helps grow your business by eliminating time consuming and costly steps including multiple worksite visits, paid lead funnel programs,  and marketing campaigns.

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Benchmark Preferred Logo

Benchmark Preferred Logo

Join our network with a simple one-step application process and no upfront cost!

As a Benchmark Preferred Partner, you’ll have the opportunity to freely bid, with no upfront fees, on expertly spec’d projects tailored to your skillset and preferences. With the completion of each Benchmark work order, projects receive our stamp of excellence affirming elite quality assurance.

Residential Services

Benchmark streamlines fulfillment of home inspection requests submitted by property owners and agents. Repair projects are submitted for bid to our Preferred Partner Network.

Multifamily Properties

Using our move-in and move-out inspection report, we develop detailed repair requests which are offered to our Preferred Partners for bidding.

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How it Works

Benchmark certified inspectors provide spec’d reports to our Preferred Partner Network for easy, online bidding. We do the heavy frontend lifting to reduce some of the most time-intensive tasks in the repair process. With no upfront costs for network membership or project bidding, Preferred Partners pay fees only when projects have been completed.

No Upfront Fees 

Benchmark Preferred Partners pay nothing until a work order is fulfilled.

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Actionable Work Orders 

Each work order provides detailed instructions and a supply list for easy execution.

One Trip Projects

We save our Preferred Partners valuable time through our streamlined workflow process.

Other Products & Services 


Benchmark Roofing Logo

From inspections and installations to patches and technical repair work, you can feel safe taking shelter under Benchmark’s roofing services.


Benchmark Environmental Logo

We offer a combination of home cleaning protocols and environmental testing of hazards such as mold, lead, allergens, and more.


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We believe in a healthy home which is why we provide regular maintenance checkups on roofs, gutters, water heaters, HVAC, and more.


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Our inspections provide honest, accurate reports on the true conditions of each component in a home.

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