Your roof is arguably the most critical structural element protecting your home, and it needs to be kept in top shape. Ignoring roof maintenance and biannual inspections is a big risk. If something goes wrong with a roof, the consequences can be dire, extending into the walls and foundation of the home.

We’ve put together a list of reasons why roof maintenance should be an annual priority for every home owner. Read on to learn more:

  1. Keep little problems from becoming big problems

Just like we take preventative measures to maintain our own health, roofing inspections keep our roofs – and by extension, our homes – safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Roofing issues often start as something innocuous, like a lifted storm drain or dried and cracked shingles. Most people don’t even notice there is an issue, and by the time the problem reveals itself, it is too late for a quick and simple fix.

When certified professionals like Benchmark Services Preferred Partners inspect your roof, they will identify the early warning signs of developing concerns and take care of the little issues before they can become serious problems.

  1. Weathering and Aging

Your roof handles the changing seasons and wild weather they bring year after year. That is a tough job, and over time your roof will begin to develop wear and tear as it weathers the heat, rain, wind, and ice.

The consequences of weathering and natural aging can be seen in damaged or missing shingles, sagging patches, and openings in the roof’s surface. You may not notice this during dry months of summer, but when the rainy seasons arrive, you may find yourself dealing with a severe leak.

Biannual roofing inspections keep your roof prepared to weather any season and are strongly recommended for all homeowners.

  1. Water Damage, Leaks, and Mold

Water is a primary offender for serious roofing damage, which is why it’s a key concern during an inspection. Standing water on a roof is a big warning sign – a healthy roof should have proper drainage channels with cleaned gutters to keep from developing rotting, leaks, and mold.

If you ever notice puddles or standing water on your roof, call schedule a professional inspection right away. There may be additional unknown damage that an inspector will identify and recommend potential solutions.

  1. Don’t Gamble with Gutters

Most inspectors won’t clean your gutters for you (though it is covered with Benchmark Services Maintenance Program), but an inspector will be able to determine any damage from clogged, detached, or leaking gutters. Proper gutter maintenance is important, from drainage to alignment – you don’t want water going where it’s not supposed to.

  1. Warranty and Insurance

Many roofing warranties require an annual or biannual roofing inspection. If problems do arise, the necessary repairs may be covered by your warranty. Ask your inspector if you should file a warranty claim, and always keep detailed records of inspections and maintenance throughout the years. These go a long way to backing up a claim and protecting your homeowner’s insurance rates.

Professional Roof Inspections Are Important

Don’t let a false sense of security lull you into procrastinating your roof’s health. Your home depends on the shelter your roof provides, and so do you! If you haven’t had your biannual inspection, or you suspect your roof might need a checkup, schedule an inspection with Benchmark Services today. We’ll make sure you are safe, comfortable, and protected from above.