With so many organic materials, structural elements, and mechanical parts, homes need similar attention to the health checkups and preventive care we seek for our own bodies. Benchmark Services is a network of reliable service professionals and contractors specializing in caring for your home. Think of it as a clinical staff to maintain the health of your property and the safety of its occupants.

A home is likely the biggest lifetime investment for most people. It is a monumental responsibility to maintain it to ensure its value will pay off when you need it. Benchmark has developed programs for property owners that relieve the burden of tracking and completing annual and seasonal inspections and maintenance—Benchmark Services Maintenance Program.

Most property owners receive inspections when a problem occurs or during a real estate transaction. Preventive inspections are like annual physicals for your home. They can help identify developing issues that may be more easily resolved in the near term. Left alone, some issues may progress to become more intensive, more expensive, and even hazardous. An unexpected home repair or a failed home inspection is never a welcomed occurrence.

As a member of the Benchmark Services Maintenance Program, homeowners have the confidence that the condition of their property is being monitored through periodic, expert inspections. The inspections included roofing, decking, crawl space, attics, and foundation. Our experts look for structure damage, water issues, leaks, and mold.

Most homeowners are vigilant about inspecting their property for obvious issues. There are somethings even a trained eye will not see without the use of special equipment. Members of Benchmark Services Maintenance Program have the assurance that even hidden issues will come to light with thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is used to scan the entire home to identify hidden water intrusions. Water intrusions can lead to a whole host of issues if not attended to properly and promptly.

To take the hassle out of home maintenance, contact Benchmark Services! We offer free consultations to determine which program is best for you!