Benchmark Service’s home inspectors encounter many maintenance and repair issues that are easily avoided with seasonal, preventative maintenance. Whether it is your home or an investment property, real estate is likely the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime, and the long-term return on that investment correlates directly to maintenance, repairs, and improvements made in your care.

Benchmark Services Maintenance Program combines regular inspections and seasonal maintenance to alleviate some of the burden that comes with homeownership.  At Benchmark, inspections are presented as semi-annual checkups for your home or property. It is equally preventative maintenance and diagnostic inspections.

As impartial third-party inspectors, we have one priority… keep your property safe and healthy for its occupants. While some maintenance activities are easy to manage, many issues go unnoticed without an expert eye. All too often, these projects require advanced skillsets to execute. The longer an issue goes undiagnosed the more catastrophic it may be, and the more costly repairs can get.

Members of Benchmark Services Maintenance Program enjoy the peace of mind knowing that experts are inspecting for developing issues and tracking regular maintenance. The two most important seasons for home maintenance are on either end of winter—spring and fall. Winter is harsh on properties and structures which is why we have built our program to address the issues that could be exacerbated through the winter or may have developed during the colder months.

For spring and fall maintenance, our members receive crawlspace, attic, roof, electrical, water heater, and HVAC inspections. Our experts complete a comprehensive review of the interior and exterior of your property, including life safety systems (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors). As spring and fall have their own set of maintenance challenges, Benchmark’s bundle services prepare your property for the change of seasons.

Benchmark has been presented with the rare opportunity to renovate a project property to demonstrate some common maintenance issues we encounter. We will be providing some important insights and tips for projects that you may want to handle yourself, along with projects that need a professional and trusted contractor.

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A comprehensive list of member benefits for the Benchmark Services Maintenance Program is available on our website. Visit our site connect with our services team for a free consultation.