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Home Maintenance 101: Learn When to DIY It and When to Call the Pros

Benchmark Service’s home inspectors encounter many maintenance and repair issues that are easily avoided with seasonal, preventative maintenance. Whether it is your home or an investment property, real estate is likely the biggest investment you [...]

By |01/15/2021|Inspections, Maintenance|

5 Reasons Roofing Inspections Are More Important Than You Think

Your roof is arguably the most critical structural element protecting your home, and it needs to be kept in top shape. Ignoring roof maintenance and biannual inspections is a big risk. If something goes wrong [...]

By |12/17/2020|Inspections, Maintenance, Roofing|

Landlord Advice: Making the Most of Your Time Between Tenants

How to maintain – and even improve – your property’s value through move-in/move-out inspections We’ve all heard inspection horror stories from property managers who arrive at a property after the move-out date only to [...]

By |12/10/2020|Inspections, Maintenance, Management|

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