We’ve made it, Boise! the ground has finally thawed, and the color is coming back to our beautiful city of trees! Thoughts of snow are in the past, and it’s time to spend our days lounging by the river and our nights roasting smores by the firepit. Before you get carried away with the summer sun, it is important to show your home a little love. That way you can enjoy the sun worry free!

1.) Yard and Landscape

Start outside and check up on your yard. Walk the perimeter and make sure your home and any other structure is clear of debris, wood piles, or anything that might be fuel for a fire. Rake any leaves or debris out of your grass, insulate your plant beds with mulch, sharpen the blades of your mower, and maybe even plant something new with your loved ones!

2.) Test Sprinkler System

Turn your outdoor water system on for a test run and ensure everything is still functioning properly. Check the sprinkler heads for cracks, jams, or breaks, and replace any damaged sprinkler heads and lines. Schedule any maintenance needed sooner rather than later so your yard can get the care it needs.

3.) Feed and Fertilize

A healthy green lawn does not come from sun and water alone, it needs food and nutrients just like any other living organism. Applying fertilizer to your yard will provide it with a much-needed source of nutrients that will aid in the growth and protection of your yard.

You may also need to take care of weeds and pests in your lawn. Whether you’re using weed killer or grub killer on your lawn, make sure you do your research before applying chemicals. Some weed and grub killers can leech significant distances and may destroy parts of your landscaping. Always consult the directions on the product and speak with a professional if you’re unsure how to apply these chemicals.

4.) Repair Structures: Walkways, Patios, Decks, Fences

Summers are a great time to relax on your porch or play in your yard. After a long cold winter, it is important to take a walk around your home and inspect your walkways, patios, decking, and fences for any damage or signs of future damage. If you are unsure what to look for, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional and ask for a second opinion.

5.) Inspect Exterior Structures for Damaged Siding and Cracked Paint

While houses are indeed built to handle all seasons, they do require a bit of upkeep. Because of the recent snowmelt and rain, wood can move, twist, or warp in unwanted ways. This can also result in a weakened structure or cracked paint. When caught early, it can be a relatively quick and easy fix. However, if left unattended, the problem can worsen and result in costly repairs.

While inspecting, be sure to focus on the trimming, especially around any doors and windows. Adding a new layer of paint to these affected areas can not only enhance their appearance, but it can also double as a protective barrier from the elements.

6.) HVAC Maintenance

Very few things can ruin a summer day faster than a broken A/C unit. Save yourself the trouble by cleaning off your AC unit with a hose or vacuum, replacing the filter, testing the thermostat, or calling in the experts. You’ll be thanking yourself later.

6.) Do Not Stress!

Do not let the changing seasons overwhelm you. The fact that you are reading this article is a sign that you are an aware and responsible homeowner. All of us at Benchmark Services are here to make taking care of your home as quick and as easy for you as possible. Whether you need a quick consultation or a big project, we are here for you. Schedule your free exterior evaluation and consultation to learn how our Maintenance Program can free up your summer days.

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